Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Night Kempo Surprise.

Tonight, Brandon was in luck. We had a guest student come by and give him some good sparring sessions. The student is a girl trained in some kind of Kempo. I believe she’s 14 and has a black belt. She is currently cross-training into other styles of Martial Arts.

It was nice to see Brandon spar against someone of his age with more experience. I wish he had the chance to do this more often. The whole thing was exciting to watch. I thought Brandon did extremely well against her.

This particular class gave us a better understanding of Brandon’s strong and weak points. I hope she becomes a regular student. There is also a possibility her father, which is also a black belt, might do some sparring with him. Quality training! This is could be some exciting stuff.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any video. I’m not sure if there will be any in the future either. I did bring it up but either they didn’t understand, hear, or care for the idea of being on video. Hopefully, if they stick around they’ll allow some video footage. I don’t shoot anyone in Brandon’s videos without their permission.

We’ll keep you updated.

I wasn’t too familiar with Kempo myself. So, I supplied a video for anyone else in the same boat.

Just 2 more weeks till Brandon test for his Red belt. That’s one below Brown in this ranking system.

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